Buyer's Agent NVBuying a home in Reno is a fun and exciting adventure. You’re about to embark on a journey that’s full of new beginnings and opportunities. With that said, buying a home can also be a little scary and overwhelming. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, or you’re ready to upgrade from your current home, there’s a lot to consider. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying a home in Reno!

Make Sure You Have Your Finances Worked Out

Creating a budget will really help make the process of buying a home easier. Before you start going to open houses and viewing homes by yourself, make sure you know your budget. Having a set budget will help your home search by eliminating homes that are too expensive. You can even talk to your bank and get pre-approved for a home loan. This will tell you exactly how much you will be approved for and then you can look for homes that are in this price range. And don’t forget to ask about possible grant programs you may qualify for. 

You’ll also want to know how much money to save before you’re ready to sign papers for a new home. Most home loans require a down-payment be made at closing, and this sum will depend on the type of loan you are approved for. Things you might also want to keep in mind are the additional fees and expenses that aren’t going to be covered in your home loan. Appraisals, home inspections, insurance, and closing costs are all things that you as the buyer are responsible for paying out-of-pocket for. Expert tip: your monthly payment is what you feel, not the purchase price of the home. In addition, most people move on before they pay off their mortgage.

Figure Out Your Specific Needs

Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect home. Making a list of things that you absolutely need to be included in your home, and a list of things that you want, but could live without will help hone in on what your perfect home is. For instance, a family of four will probably need more bedrooms than a couple who doesn’t have children. And you may have always pictured your home with a fireplace in the living room, but maybe the house with that extra bathroom better suits your families needs. And don’t forget to add “big backyard” to your list if you plan on having a home full of dogs. Determine what features you need your home to include and start by looking at homes that meet these requirements. 

Now That You Have A Budget And A Plan…

Here comes the fun part – house hunting! It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of looking at homes and you may end up choosing one that isn’t quite right for you simply because you like the design or layout. Be careful not to fall in love with a home before you have keys in your hand especially if it isn’t right for you. Keep in mind the list of needs that you made and focus on these when looking at potential homes. Other things to consider are:

The Neighborhood

Do you like the area the home is located? Are the neighbors loud (go by in the morning and in the evening)? Is it close to any major roads or high trafficked roads that could keep you up at night? How’s the parking around there? And if you have children, check out the schools they would be going to. 

The Surrounding Area

Are there any things surrounding your home that may bother you? For instance, having a street lamp right outside your bedroom window may disrupt your sleeping routine and could lead you to look at other possible homes.

Up-Keep of the home

Not all homes come brand new with updated windows and heating systems. Some homes don’t include air conditioning and sometimes the roof is in need of replacing. Pay attention to the amount of maintenance that is needed to get the home up to your standards of living.

Inspect the Home

Don’t be afraid to touch things, turn switches on and off, and test the water, literally. Before you pay for a home inspection, do a little of your own investigating. If you notice any immediate problems such as low water pressure or lights that don’t work, you can either address the issue early on and decide whether or not this is something you can deal with, or you can move on to look at other homes.

Buying a Home in Reno with Remaklus Realty

Buying a home in Reno is easier than ever with Remaklus Realty. Remaklus Realty is a group of exclusive buyer’s agents that will only work for you, the buyer. Our biggest goal is to act in the best interest of the buyer and we work to ensure that they are fairly represented. We will be there every step of the way, from market research all the way to the closing process. Typically, real estate agents represent the seller, and this is what sets us apart from them. We work only with the buyer, never the seller. You can trust that our loyal buyer’s agents have only your best interests in mind and they will be working for YOU, and only you. Connect with us today to get started on finding the perfect home!

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