The National Association of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, known as NAEBA, is a professional organization of real estate agents who only represent home buyers. The standard for exceptional buyer representation, NAEBA strives to provide exclusive fiduciary duties to home buyers.

Founded in the 1990’s in order to redefine how a real estate agency should represent their clients, NAEBA strives to foster the American dream of homeownership by providing exclusive representation.

What Does NAEBA Membership Mean?

National association of exclusive buyer's agents Members of NAEBA do not accept listings or represent sellers at any time during the home buying process. Which means their entire brokerage, including the broker, are dedicated to buyers only. This is known as a single agency brokerage. With a buyers-first initiative, members of NAEBA stand by the fiduciary duty to the buyer, aligning with legal and ethical obligations to put their interests first.

They strive to get the buyer the most reasonable price with the best terms possible. They will give you all the facts of the property, including the good and the bad, about the value, market conditions, neighborhood conditions, and other physical defects. Only an EBA can guarantee to negotiate purely on your behalf with no crossover interests.

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty

87% of homebuyers use a real estate agent when searching for a home, according to the 2018 report by the National Association of Realtors. When a home buyer uses a ‘dual agency’ or traditional real estate brokerage, there can be an inherent conflict of interest when the same firm is attempting to both buy and sell a house or property. This creates a great advantage for the firm, as it allows them to profit from both the buying and selling of the house, but leaves a distinct disadvantage for the homebuyer.

Example: Every traditional real estate office will tell you they represent buyers.  The missing key is EXCLUSIVE. When the exclusive is missing it means the broker can represent both the buyer and seller by simply assigning a different agent in the same office to the buyer. The broker of the office is ultimately responsible for all agents and transactions. This includes both buyers and sellers. Often creating confusion for the buyers (because the buyer now thinks they have an exclusive buyers agent).  Assignment of separate agents for each party (buyer and seller) is the only way a real estate broker can profit from the full transaction. Not many Real Estate Brokers want to become “Exclusive” either in the “buying only” arena or the “Selling only” arena. Exclusive Buyers Agents would love to see both parties represented exclusively!

Offering the same services as a real estate brokerage, an exclusive buyer’s agent can provide pre-purchase counseling, mortgage lender referrals, home search assistance and showings for all homes on the market and most importantly offer advice regarding the price.

In order to make the most informed decision on your home or property purchase, make sure you have the necessary resources and guidance. An exclusive buyer’s agent such as Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty can help you make educated decisions to help empower long term success. Connect with our team and learn how we can help!

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