Thinking of improving your home/real estate investment/business space? Have you considered working with a professional? Answer these questions to help understand why or why not to seek design guidance: How much of your own time and energy/expertise can you afford to use up?

  • Locating materials, locating bargains on said materials
  • Identifying and Negotiating skilled labor needed to complete the job
  • Designers work with skilled vendors and material representatives all day long, every day. They should find you the best deal on both labor and materials in a fraction of the time it would take you.

Do you know what you want the finished product to look like? Does it keep the flow of the era of the space or business? Will it look outdated in 3-5 years?

  • Counseling with an experienced designer is exactly that! They help you get in touch with what you want to see and FEEL in your newly remodeled spaces.
  • A TIMELESS, finished look is important for re-sell, rentability and flow
  • Designers know this and think in this way consciously, automatically.

Essentially, a designer is your vision contractor!! They are there every step of the remodel process, helping you cultivate your ideas, coordinating all labor and material and problem solving. Issues inevitably will arise in the process of remodeling. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mediator when things get challenging? Remember, remember, it takes time and sacrifice whether you have professional help or not!! Be gentle with yourself and those you work with throughout the process, after all you are IMPROVING your real estate so be mindful about HOW you are building it and keeping it as stress-free as possible. Interior Designers, like Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, are counselors. Helping to guide you through an unfamiliar process, optimizing your experience and the outcome over time! Two of the very finest, local designers we have worked with and recommended to clients are: Residential KDesign Commercial MBA Architecture + Interior Design

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