1. When doing a drive by of the home before you look inside… do a “drive about”. In other words; if it is close to the weekends, observe the neighbors on all sides, including behind the home. Evenings and weekends are a good time to see what is going on outside and if this particular home is being used as a skateboarding launchpad OR if all other the neighbors have claimed your parking spots..etc..
  2. Try to stay away from homes on an outside corner lot.
  3. Check for electrical boxes (you know the great big green boxes in the front yard).
  4. Is there a street light on the property? You may not like that shining in your bedroom every night.
  5. In this day and age – it is best not to say anything while at a showing of the home. There are cameras everywhere. Text with your agent. You don’t want to sound too eager and at the same time you don’t want to disrespect someone else’s home.
  6. NEVER fall in love with the house before its yours. This is an investment and you can make it a home later.
  7. While doing your drive about…count how many rentals are within a 2 mile radius from the home you are considering.

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