1. Shop lenders by asking them what their processing (or junk fees) are and what their interest rates are.
  2. Stay under the price range that the lender has told you qualify for.
  3. Try not to buy in an HOA.
  4. If you buy something that just needs a little lipstick (paint, elbow grease, and/or carpet) you will save money through your own sweat equity.
  5. Find an exclusive buyer’s agent whose only purpose in life is to save you money.
  6. Be sure and have the entire house and its mechanicals inspected to help with money from seller to have them fixed.
  7. Ask for a home warranty that includes all appliances. This is different from a home owners insurance policy and will cover the mechanics and appliances for a year with a deductible sometimes as low as $30.00. If they can’t fix it they will get you a new one. This includes heaters and a/c folks!!

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