Fixer upper can come in varying degrees of fixing. Don’t go beyond your scope of ability/comfort or your fixer budget all because it is a “Sweet Deal”. Sweet can turn into sour in a matter of minutes! Your once sweet deal then becomes someone else’s even “sweeter deal”, as you have no choice/no money to do anything but turn around and sell it to someone else. It is critical to get a home inspection and a contractor to review the home before you buy it. If you are looking at moving walls or anything else that might require you to improve the curb appeal, then add an interior designer to the mix. They are a very knowledgeable resource and will be able to help you get what you want for less time and money. Not to mention they will help you stay on timelines and within your budget. Fixer uppers CAN be a good way to go and often work best if the items that need to be fixed are not the kitchen or the bathrooms. If you are going to DIY, make sure there are no holes in the roof, you have a place to sleep, eat, shower and relax. Otherwise the ideal scenario is to do it yourself, if you have another place to live, know how to do things yourself, have cash to purchase materials, have a good relationship with your partner and perhaps most importantly, have the time. It CAN work out well for you, all these things considered, by the following spring, when you are ready to sell it and then do it again!! Note: Fixers tend to be less expensive when comparing to what we call a turn key property. Turn key is a home that doesn’t need anything right now to move in.

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