One of my favorite/frustrating topics in the business of protecting the buyers during a real estate purchase is: “what do you do to avoid a bidding war”. Now if I told you all that, right here in this very public arena, it would not benefit my clients, as the secret would be out! However, I don’t want to be like Mrs. Fields and her cookies. So I will tell you this…. [warning]DON”T play. Take your money and move on. ALL BUYERS are the most important component in a real estate transaction!! Why? Because the buyer is the one with the money! Have you heard the phrase “he who has the cash is KING?” That is an aspect that gets distorted in the majority of real estate transactions. For decades the consumer has been disoriented by the smoke and mirrors of seller’s agents with subtext like: “how lucky you are that you GOT to purchase that home.”[/warning] As you will hear me say numerous times. “THE BUYER HAS THE CASH AND IS THE DRIVER IN EVERY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION”!!! Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t be running into this type of situation in the future, but that is just one of many ways to take your control back. LaNae Cloud Broker

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