As I peruse the web on what’s trending, what other people think you (the consumer-client) want to hear about I end up scratching my head a little, getting up from my computer screen to look out my window and make sure I am still in the same world I thought I lived in and then I settle back in to the digital noise. In this moment, I have to say, “What?!” to my peers. The latest one out there is “How to shave 10 days off of your home buying transaction and save $500”. Ok you had my attention until you said “Automated Collateral Evaluations”. Is it just me or does it feel like the internet is sometimes saying “Soon you will never need to talk to another human?” I am attaching the web site that explains the “Automated Collateral Evaluations” which was presented by my beloved National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA) and probably seemed to them like a good eye catcher but it’s not practical. There are many great loans out there and the best way to find which lender has the best options, the best prices and the least amount of junk fees is to simply talk to a lender in person! Imagine that, in person! A good mortgage broker has so much knowledge; they listen to your questions and weigh your current situation with the best loan you should wear. And I am not a lender!! I just know their value. Bottom line is, increase your knowledge, by going beyond the internet. Do this by going straight to the source. It REALLY pays off in the end. That web site I mentioned is:

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