What wonderful words of wisdom or tools of success can I give you?? I am sincerely inclined to say: spend an extra hour cleaning on the inside, shampoo the carpet once, wash the windows (so it will rain the next day), box up the winter clothes and un pack the spring and summer clothes, don’t try on any bathing suits right now, don’t start self-tanning lotions yet, don’t sign up for any spring outdoor programs etc. Or you can do what I do and Watch the snow on Peavine!!! Having lived here my entire life and being a 3rd generation Reno-ite/Peavine watcher, I know what I’m talking about!! The best spring advice I can give is all related to that mountain. No planting, no painting, no self-coloring, and no outdoor sports joining (unless you haven’t packed up your winter clothes). Enjoy the current state of things by walking the mountain of Peavine and becoming one with it. When the snow is all gone, its Spring!! P.S. Wear boots its really muddy up there.

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