La Nae ‘Dee Dee’ Cloud has always been in a man’s world representing women. She has always felt a like minded spiritual connection with every woman, no matter what she is doing, because whatever it is – its heavy! She is the oldest of four and was raised to believe she could do anything and should do something!!! She raised three wonderful children to become responsible civic minded adults and has been graced with three grandchildren that she can now, spoil rotten. Years ago Dee Dee started a company called Women’s Real Estate Counseling to help women (single, married, divorcing or whatever) to guide them in making good decisions for themselves with regards to their investments and/or homes. She was later recognized by the Professional Women’s Networking Group with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award. When asked what she has been up to after that, she replied; ” I started Buyer Agents Remaklus Realty (BARR) in 1996 and can honestly say it was far more difficult to educate the consumer back then. I then put BARR on ice for 10 years in 2007 as the market was not a good one for buyers and the need for property management was very high. So I moved into property management until April of 201.”…” I felt I had helped people move through the pit falls of the Reno bubble bursting and helped them work on their credit, getting back into a position of buying a home. I also had the honor of getting to know hundreds of millennial’s and helping them establish credit by renting in the same way. All of that gave me a new prospective of investment property, tenants, conditions etc. I have been and always will be an advocate for women to be successful in any line of work. It is all important…and at the risk of sounding a bit smug…without us women in this world everything around us would still be overgrown, running rampant, devoid of manners, culture and even more seriously…completely empty on all levels! So, celebrate being a woman and enjoy all of the extra things we have going for us…empowerment, compassion, fun clothes and shoes, enlightenment, make-up, freedom to love, freedom to guide, mani/pedi’s, girlfriends and the choice every day to make a difference. Happy Womens Day!!”Click here to read more about Dee Dee

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