Often times a buyer is so excited to buy a home…the emotions are running high and the visions of creating a true home can overshadow the potential battles that may need to be fought down the road. I feel that is part of my job…to find the potential battles ahead of time. I am constantly flipping the coin over or playing the advocate for what is wrong with this house. Does it truly meet the criteria initially discussed during our initial counseling?   Are there signs that things aren’t totally right? Whats in front, each side and the back of the house? Do you really want that electrical box in your front yard? How about that street light that will always be shining in your bedroom window? Just a very few examples of how important it is to have an unemotional third party on your side. Sometimes the best thing to do is say “Don’t buy this house”…there will always be another home and usually it is THE home.

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