Relocation Services for Home Buyers

Relocating can be an expensive and stressful proposition. There are a number of important decisions to be made, all within a deadline and a budget. When your relocation involves a distant move, there is uncertainty about finding the right home and community to fit your lifestyle. There are also concerns about family needs, schools, services and amenities. When making these life-changing decisions, relocating home buyers often rely on the advice of a real estate sales agent, who may not have their best interests at heart! There a number of ways that working with Buyer’s Agent can give you an advantage:

  1. Buyer’s Agent keeps your motives and budget confidential.
  2. Buyer’s Agent can show you any home on the market, including MLS, For-Sale-by-Owner and homes for sale by builders.
  3. Buyer’s Agent are dedicated entirely to the buyer, providing expert negotiation and market guidance that can save thousands of dollars on the home purchase.
  4. BecauseBuyer’s Agent only serves buyers, they evaluate homes, communities and amenities from a buyer’s perspective, providing objective information and frank advice.
  5. Buyer’s Agent has no “brand loyalty” to listings by any specific real estate company.
  6. Buyer’s Agent do not have listings, or serve sellers in any way. This avoids the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional real estate company that takes listings and tries to represent both buyers and sellers and often in the same transaction.
  7. The fiduciary relationship between Buyer’s Agent and the buyer-client ensures the highest levels of service, with the buyer’s best interests at the forefront.
  8. Buyer’s Agent have strong networks of industry partners, including home inspectors, mortgage lenders, moving services and home service providers.
  9. There generally is no extra cost involved in usingBuyer’s Agent!
  10. Buyer’s Agent can work with corporate relocation services, home buyers, and employers to provide cost savings and strategic advantages.


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