Authenticity has been a life-long motto. As young children, that is just how humans are and then life happens. Holding on to our identity becomes precarious. How do you hold on to something that is evolving both in and out of control, constantly? Learning the importance of having a physical space while studying under one of my several mentors in graduate school, was a quietly, profound experience. I will even venture to say that, the physical space I am referring to is: sacred. Many wise people, whose lineage I am now a part of, attest to the importance of a ‘sacred space’. As I write this I am feeling the enormity of what it all means! For now though, I am referring specifically to a literal, physical space we can build, buy, live or work in. There are so many more verbs that can go along with how someone utilizes a physical space. But instead of expounding on that I will ask some questions:

  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you work?
  • Do work and home get jumbled together at times?

We are here to help people find physical places they can transform in to their sacred spaces. Your daily life, your family – of friends, your creativity in your work, your peace of mind, can all be bolstered by the space you call home. We want to find a space you can thrive in financially and creatively in your life. In life, learning to surround ourselves with people that make us feel good, is important. Shouldn’t our life spaces be held to the same standard?

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