Learn Home-Buying Tips For Moving Up or Downsizing

As your life changes, your home needs change. Starting a family, relocating for a new job, children leaving home and retirement can alter your lifestyle and your home requirements. In each situation, you have unique needs, a distinct goal, a budget and a timeline. Buyer’s Agent can help you with home-buying strategies for every situation, while protecting your best interests! We also keep your buying motives confidential from home sellers and their agents. Here are some ways we can make a difference: First Home Purchase First-time home buyers are especially vulnerable to home- buying hazards. There are many considerations that may not come to mind during the excitement of the home search, such as:

  • Home condition
  • Property taxes
  • Use Restrictions
  • Insurance costs
  • Utility costs
  • Parking
  • Homeowner Association Rules & Dues
  • Home maintenance and repair costs
  • Public transportation/commute distance
  • School quality
  • Local amenities

First-time buyers should begin with an accurate home-buying budget, based on a mortgage pre-approval. They must also consider their most important priorities in the home, and know where they are willing to compromise. Generally, it is advisable to buy the most affordable home you can find in the most desirable area. Buyer’s Agent will guide you throughout the financing, home search and home- buying process, protecting you every step of the way. Trading Up If you find your household outgrowing your home, or you’d like to obtain a home with more amenities, you will need a listing agent to sell your current home and Buyer’s Agent to help you buy your new home. Most listing agents will try to convince you to also use them for your new home purchase, but this won’t be to your advantage. A listing agent’s job is to sell your home for the highest possible dollar. Our job is to help you buy a home at the best price and terms that can be negotiated to your favor. We often can refer you to one or more listing agents who they know they will be able to work well with and who they know will do an excellent job of selling your existing home.  It is important for us to be able to coordinate your home purchase with your home sale and thus have a good working relationship with the listing agent. Your selling agent, unless otherwise disclosed, always contractually represents sellers. He or she could “show” you other homes, but only homes that appear on the MLS. Your selling agent is unlikely to serve your buyer needs with the caliber of fiduciary duty that can be provided by Buyer’s Agent. Let your selling agent sell – and your Buyer’s Agent help you buy! Downsizing / Retirement When you have “too much house,” it could be time to sell! Depending on your needs and your long-term goals, you might be considering a smaller home or condominium that offers easy upkeep, convenience, security, and features to allow aging-in-place. We recommend a separate listing agent to sell your current home. We will help you find a new home that matches your budget, lifestyle and preferences. As always, we will provide complete guidance while protecting your best interests. We will keep your income, budget and home- buying motives confidential. Buyer’s Agent also have vast networks of industry professionals, home service providers, contractors, lenders and movers to who stand ready to help you.


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