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As Northern Nevada’s premier exclusive buyer’s agency, Remaklus Realty focuses solely on representing real estate buyers. We assist you along every step of the way towards becoming a homeowner, beginning with the loan pre-qualification process and ending with keys to your dream home. Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Remaklus Realty offers unique advantages to homeowners, some of those include:

Only Exclusive Buyer’s Agency in Northern Nevada 

We are the only exclusive buyer’s agents in Northern Nevada, working for over 20 years for homebuyers in the state. That means that you will benefit from in-depth property and market research and expert area knowledge. We act only in the buyer’s best interests and help our clients find the best properties and negotiate the best prices.

Never Accept Sellers Listings 

As an exclusive buyer’s agency, we only work with homebuyers. That means we never accept listings from sellers and have no contractual obligations to sellers. Typical real estate agents work both as listing and buyer’s agents, creating an inherent conflict of interest! We only work for you, making sure you are accurately and fairly represented!

Unmatched Customer Service 

We have represented hundreds of buyers who went on to find and purchase their dream home in Northern Nevada. The reason we keep bringing in clients is because of our unmatched customer service. As a home buyer, you are our business, and we rely on creating memorable experiences for you. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and find their unique fit.

Advantages of Working With Buyer’s Agent

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